100 Reasons To Use Google AdWords To Advertise Your Business Online

$100 in advertising coupon for new users.
Plus, step by step assistance in setting up your ad campaign.

A few rules:
If you want one and can follow the rules, I'll send it.

Only 10 available for distribution thru March, 2012. If you miss it, they are gone unless Google sends me more.

So, join my blog, leave a comment, make sure you include the website you want to promote and tell me why you should get $100 in advertising from Google Adwords.

I'm an Engage participate not yet a  Google Certified Partner but authorized to distribute these coupons.

Anthony Morgan is Individually Qualified in Search Advertising by Google AdWords.

Step by step instruction for setting up a new Adwords account with Google.

This is an open discussion and the coupons are free.

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