Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Tips For Seo Post Panda

5 New Tactics For SEO Post-Panda
The index is not a signal of anything, anymore, except that Google has the URL in its databases.
The trend in optimization has turned from satisfying search engines to building relationships with end users. Google has made it clear it intends to move online advertising to the next level.

Similar to what we have seen in the past with television platform helping businesses to create household brands like Hallmark Greeting Cards. By satisfying a desire of the public for quality, family shows, Hallmark was able to not only brand itself but create a demand for a new product, greeting cards.

To keep up with the changing environment of the online community, Search Engine Land offers the following 5 Tips.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Powerful Online Marketing Drives Massive Visitor Traffic From Search Engines

Nutch robotsImage via WikipediaIt All About Value

It's true and it's happening via online marketing all over the net. People are finding value in blogs, websites and social media sites they visit day in and day out. How do you determine the value of your content?

Try Pay Per Click.

What Drives Your Customers

Using pay per click marketing in your small business will drive traffic from search engines to your website. The number one way people find the products and services they purchase online is by using Google, YAHOO! or some other search engine. It's safe to say, "Search engines drive traffic on the internet".

Why are Search Engines So Important To Online Marketing

Let's talk about Google. Is it true that most people use it to search for products online?

Search engines are always looking for a better way to give their customers (web surfers) a more relevant result.  By giving their customers want they 'ask for', Google is the most trusted provider of services online today.

When your ads appear on Google, you inherent some of the trust your potential client have in Google's search results. The closer to the top of the result page, the more trusting your visitor!

When Do Visitors Buy Products

After trust is developed, you'll have a willing and eager customer to purchase your product. People buy from places they trust have reliable services.  As an online marketer, it's your job to provide quality products and you'll earn more if you do in it with pay per click marketing.

What About Massive Traffic? How do I get it!

Use Google Adwords to start your advertising today. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Paid ads on Google in the #1 position may obtain thousands of clicks per day. It all depends on your keyword chooses.

Please use caution because pay per click is a very simple device in driving traffic to your site but it can also break your budget (in a matter of hours, days or weeks) if you don't do research and plan your campaign.

Here are the basic best practices:

  • Organize your campaign
  • Choose your keywords carefully.
  • Include keywords in your ad text
  • Use the right destination URL
  • Track your success

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